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Strategic Marketing

Master of Science Degree

With ever-increasing local, national and global competition, it is more important than ever for companies to strategically position themselves to stand out among competition. As a result, marketing is in the top seven fastest growing fields according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This degree prepares you to strategically determine the demand for products and services offered by an organization, identify potential customers, and recognize new market opportunities. Gain knowledge and skills in advertising and promotion using digital and traditional methods, and how to determine pricing strategies.

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Courses in the major include:

Examines key concepts and issues in developing and selecting a marketing strategy that supports an organization's vision and strategic plan. Emphasis is placed on target market, designing product, price, promotional, and distribution strategies. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Addresses achieving optimal customer experience and competitive advantage by identifying and incorporating the psychological, sociological, economic, and anthropological, theoretical and research based influences of buyer decisions in an organization's marketing strategy. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Analysis of consumer behavior in a digital environment. Emphasis is placed on developing and managing online, social media and other digital platform campaign strategies to attract and retain consumers. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Ethical and legal issues influencing marketing strategy are addressed including: online behavioral tracking, negative advertising, privacy considerations, patent trolling, selective marketing to vulnerable consumer groups, product placement, pricing and distribution strategies, auditing ethical marketing practices and the regulation of marketing practices by domestic and international government entities. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Techniques used to measure marketing performance and their effectiveness in generating optimal return on investment (ROI) serve as the focus for this course. Also emphasized is the use of predictive marketing analytics such as correlation analysis, profit analysis and lifetime value measurement to drive product placement and to better understand customer preference and purchasing trends. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Focus is placed on identifying, describing and interpreting qualitative data such as surveys, focus groups and projective techniques. Also included are techniques used to develop, code and analyze thematic analysis of consumer opinions to drive and support marketing decisions. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Opportunities and limitations in applying and critically evaluating various social media strategies are addressed. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of social media for consumer engagement and building influence, to include advertising, public relations, marketing, and journalism, via hands-on experience with the most. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Development and implementation of a social media marketing campaign, determining effective measurement strategies and evaluating its success serves as the focus of this course. Applications for this course include key elements such as determining and matching social media tactics with the appropriate target market and developing strategies to engage those markets using relevant social media channels. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Introduction to content marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) for website optimization. Benefits and consequences of content marketing and search engine marketing and how marketers can use it as a sustainable tool and leverage these interrelated tools for reaching and engaging consumers and creating value are addressed. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
The relationship between marketing strategy and the overall fiscal health of the firm are assessed. Emphasis is placed on the calculations and the analytical tools necessary to formulate a comprehensive marketing plan and quantify the contributions of marketing initiatives to increase business value and sustainability. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Examination of the strategic importance of brand and its management. The representational import of branding to consumers and the management of brand is analyzed. Focus is placed on developing a tactical guideline for building, measuring, and managing brand equity. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing
Specific activities involved in managing an advertising campaign, including market research, media selection, copywriting, layouts and the role of ad agencies are examined. Students create an advertising and promotional strategy that employs an appropriate mix of message objectives and methods. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing

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Your SHRM or HRCI® certification is valued at 6 credit hours (2 courses) toward the Master of Science in Human Resource Strategic Management.

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